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From its modest beginnings in 1980, HIDCAL has become the most used program in Latin America to perform the hydraulic calculations required for the design or evaluation of water-based fire systems.

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Perform Hydraulic Calculations

Performs hydraulic calculations with units in international system and English system of the following types of sprinkler systems, flood, global, fire and hoses.

HIDCAL is linked to AutoCAD

With HIDCAL you can calculate your sprinkler systems in a very easy way. It can be like arrangements in the form of tree, rings and meshes


Subscriptions HIDCAL

Learn about our new subscription package that our team has made for you. contact us at hidcalv7@gmail.com and we will give you all the information you need.

Macro Utilities HIDCAL

It is a practical tool that helps the designer to draw in AutoCAD the extinction system so that it can be calculated by HIDCAL. It allows to create layers, insert devices, evaluate the continuity of the system. Insert the results in the plan and even perform metric computations of the pipes.





  We innovate with DATA PROTECTION SERVICE on your license. For more info, write to us.

They have trusted HIDCAL

Alimentos Heinz
General Motors
Procter & Gamble
Petróleos de Venezuela
Hidcal has a unique and much improved interface. Excellent
Alben Nieto Engineering
With HIDCAL you have many important features in the design of systems, the advantage is that you only draw and Hidcal calculates and inserts for you
Guillermo LozanoFounder
HIDCAL has a very intuitive interface, 100% recommended
Ruth AlvarezEngineering

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