And even more impressive…

The HIDCAL Plug-In performs these calculations within one of the best 3D design system: AutoCAD®. Will you still waste time exporting data from one software to another when you can do it all in one place?
Calculate now your fire systems quickly and easily.

Why is the HIDCAL Plug-In
for AutoCAD® the
ideal software for you?

By not having to leave AutoCAD® to perform the hydraulic calculations of your extinguishing system, you will save a great deal of time and effort or resources that you can use in other activities. Thus you will not devote more than necessary to the export of large calculations. And you minimize the margin of human error that may exist.

On the other hand, the HIDCAL Plug-In allows you to visualize a detailed graph of availability VS. requirements for your calculations, which will help you to develop designs that are increasingly adapted to the reality of your extinguishing systems.

Imagine everything you can do with this software INSIDE​ AutoCAD®​

You can calculate

Sprinkler systems

Fire networks

Hose systems

Flood systems

in addition, you can easily manage the insertion of

Water pumps




…and much more devices

we know that we piqued your curiosity.

That’s why we leave this video tutorial highly acclaimed by our subscribers on YouTube, which explains all the benefits of the software in action.

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HIDCAL Plug-In + training ONLINE USD 630,00

Apart from getting the software right now, you receive an 6-hour training where you choose the date, time and number of sessions. Taught by an engineer developing the same software and trained at Lozano & Asociados.

The price applies only to the 1 year version. If you need a license longer than 1 year, contact our sales consultants in the corner chat and they will give you more solutions.

 HIDCAL Manual Version + Training ONLINE USD 455,00

The price applies only to the 1 year version. If you need more than 1 year of licensing, contact our sales consultants by clicking on the corner chat.

HIDCAL Plug-In + HIDCAL Manual Version + Training ONLINE USD 875,00

Price valid only for the 1 year version. You get 6 hours of training where the date, time and number of sessions you choose. If you require more than 1 year of licensing, click on the chat below on the right.

For more than ​ 39 years​ , in Lozano & Asociados we have always been concerned with ​ protecting ​ lives, property and environment. That is why, 25 years ago, we decided to create software that ​ simplifies and optimizes the process you use to make hydraulic calculations like no other program has done: our prodigious HIDCAL Manual Version​.

Years later, we understood that times have changed. Therefore, we create a software integrated to AutoCAD® thinking of engineers specialized in the design of extinguishing systems. Professionals like YOU, who want to stop spending so much time in front of a computer engaged in tedious processes of hydraulic calculations: the HIDCAL Plug-In for AutoCAD®.


Check it out for yourself and read the testimonials given by other engineers about our HIDCAL Plug-In:

It is a tool that allows you to calculate all kinds of fire systems which will adapt to the needs of a larger emergency.

Ruth Álvarez


The times are optimized when using the plugin since the tools to make modifications in wet networks with the subsequent hydraulic calculation, are integrated in the Autocad interface. Luigi Cassamassina

Engineer, Empresa Peña e Hijos LTDA

HIDCAL is very useful software in Fire Systems Design.

Alben Nieto


An excellent program for sprinklers and other applications, congratulations.

Nelson S.


HIDCAL is a useful tool for testing different hydraulic scenarios. It allows to optimize diameters, assign materials, perform metric calculations of pipes, manage layers, among other functions (using the well-known AUTOCAD interface for this), which facilitates the task of designing and evaluating water-based fire systems.

Luigi Cassamassina

Engineer, Empresa Peña e Hijos LTDA

And not only have they placed their trust in us and received numerous benefits. Other large companies also recommend our services and products:


Alimentos Heinz, C.A.

General Motors de Venezuela, C.A.

Procter & Gamble Industrial, S.A.

Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A.

(which requires that ALL hydraulic calculations be prepared by our HIDCAL software)

Empresas Polar

They have relied on our services, choosing us and our hydraulic calculation software above any other.

What are you waiting for to optimize your hydraulic calculation process as many PCI engineers have done?

Request a personalized quote or a DEMO of our software, the HIDCAL Plug-In for AutoCAD®, and start getting great results in your extinguishing systems with less effort, time and money dedicated.


What is the difference between HIDCAL Manual Version and the Plug-In for AutoCAD®?
The manual version is intended for those users who do not possess skills in the use of AutoCAD® and, therefore, prefer to manually enter the system data to be calculated in the program. The Plug-In is a tool that allows you to draw, insert devices and perform the hydraulic run of the system directly inside AutoCAD®.
Does the above mean that all versions are equipped with the same calculation functions?
Yes. What varies between them is the way to enter the data. While in the desktop version they are entered manually, with the plugin the system calculation is done automatically through AutoCAD®. Both generate the same types of results.
How do I activate my subscription?
Through a serial or activation code that we provide you once the program has been acquired.
I note that there are licenses for TWO (2) computers, what do I do if I need more machines?
We can offer you additional packages to meet your requirements in terms of number of equipment. If this is the case, please contact us.
Can I purchase both versions at the same time?
Of course. In that case we would send you two installers. One for each version.


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